The things we couldn’t do one year ago

There’s so much to say when nothing’s been said for so long. The problem is, where to start?

Let’s start with today. I went to see “Rock Of Ages” at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee. The show was amazing. The cast was adorable and talented. My co-worker/new best friend won the tickets so I even attended for free. Score! Rob went to his first Marquette basketball game of the season tonight.

When I got home, he said something that stuck with me: “We couldn’t have done anything we did tonight one year ago.” So much can change in one year. So much. New jobs; new place to live. Dexter doesn’t even have leash aggression anymore! It’s like Oshkosh never happened!

But it did. And we are reminded of it on days when I get to go to a nationally-touring musical and Rob attends a Marquette game.

This past weekend one of my friend’s got married in Illinois. Instead of taking off Monday (it was a Sunday wedding) we were able to be back in time for the work day. We live close enough to Chicago that it doesn’t take a day of travel to go down there and back.

In one year we’ve had four jobs, two apartments, one dog and 0 babies. For those keeping score at home, that’s 0 babies!

In a few weeks Rob will be starting a new venture. At the wedding this past weekend the first thing everyone asked after we told them about his new job was, “Does that mean he will be traveling less?”

“No, it means he’ll be traveling more.”

That’s what happens when you have more responsibility, unfortunately. In the last year Rob’s traveled to Colorado, Texas and Iceland. Yes, the country.

Each time he leaves I think it gets harder. How is that possible? So this will be a test for us, much like everything else this past year and some-odd months.

When we said, “I do,” I don’t think either of us could have imagined the life we lead. Yes, it’s difficult on some days but mostly we are doing great.

I think back about our nights spent in Oshkosh and I smile. But on nights when Rob goes to a Marquette game and I get to attend a Broadway show, I don’t need anymore reaffirmation that our decision to leave was the right one.

Rob’s new job will bring on new challenges and new opportunities. And it means our routine will once again be uprooted. But if there has been one constant in this short-lived union — it’s definitely change.




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